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company history
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  • in august, zhongshan enterprise life cycle public technology service platform system was established
  • in september, guangdong intelligent factory equipment integrated application public service platform was launched
  • in february, the company moved into a new industrial park (torch development zone, zhongshan city)
  • in march, key enterprises (cultivation) of strategic emerging industries in guangdong province (in the field of intelligent manufacturing)
  • in may, it was rated as "2015 guangdong integrity demonstration enterprise"
  • in may, it was awarded the scientific and technological achievement appraisal certificate of "flexible automatic production line for small and medium sized motors" by the municipal science and technology bureau
  • in march, it was rated as "2014 advanced enterprise in production safety"
  • in april, it was successfully listed on the new third board
  • in july, it was identified as zhongshan engineering center, and in october of the same year, it was identified as guangdong engineering center
  • in august, he won the "excellent enterprise award" of the fourth china innovation and entrepreneurship competition
  • in november, it was awarded as "zhongshan city's" three have "industrial master unit"
  • in november, the foundation of the company's new plant was laid
  • in december, he won the second prize of "zhongshan science and technology progress award"
  • in august, obtained fcc certification
  • in november, the company changed its name to guangdong hengxin intelligent equipment co., ltd
  • in january, passed iso9001:2008 quality system certification
  • in october, it passed the national high-tech enterprise certification
  • in february, the company obtained ce certification, successfully entered the eu market, and established cooperative relations with many well-known enterprises at home and abroad
  • in april, the company changed its name to zhongshan hengxin jucheng industrial equipment co., ltd., and the registered capital increased to 10 million yuan
  • in september, the company was rated as a demonstration unit of china's credit enterprise certification system
  • in august, the company changed its name to zhongshan hengxin jucheng metal products co., ltd., from a small-scale taxpayer to a general taxpayer
  • in may, the company's products went out of guangdong province for the first time and entered the egyptian market for the first time in june of the same year
  • in august, the company's product positioning changed from "unit production line" to "production line system engineering"
  • in august, hengxin industrial automation equipment factory of zhongshan torch development zone was established